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A2020Reservation births from being born exactly 6 months apart. From us comes one who eats, cooks, and breathes food; literally passionate about not just the taste of food, but its presentation and quality. The other well just LOVES to eat, critique, and manage.

Food is universal, it brings unity, and so here we are 2 young women fulfilling our dreams through family gatherings, private events, and more! 


Ashley Patton

Head Chef

Alain Chapel once said, "You have to either love what you are going to eat, or the person you are cooking for. Then you have to give yourself up to cooking. Cuisine is an act of love." 

A fine line between a great cook and a good cook for me stands on sound judgement; knowing what to do with ingredients and most importantly knowing how to serve them. Manipulation and love for sound ingredients is my own platform. Each and everyday I strive to create new dishes filled with flavors designed to make your taste-buds go insane. Self-taught I continuously challenge myself to pushed harder and learn more. It’s a journey of love, passion, and dedication I want to share with everyone.  

Amber McFarland

Business Manager

“Finding a universal way to connect with people and bring them together is easily done through food. I’ve always had a love for giving back and now have a foundation to do so. A2020Reservation is not only about food, but about incorporating our love for helping the next person. As a partner, my ultimate goal is to provide the best experience to our clients, build long term relationships, and create long-lasting memorable moments”.


“Excited that A2020 is finally here, food was amazing, waiting on the next event.”

Laura Bradshaw

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